Giovanni Perez

I am passionate about building web applications for clients in fast-growing, human-centered industries, including FinTech, Higher Education, Healthcare, and Government. I specialize in Outsystems, Swift, and PHP development. While I have modified my PHP stack to include Laravel, Vue.js, MySQL, & Forge, I remain language and framework agnostic and am comfortable adapting to project requirements. I take pride in working to cultivate a working environment conducive to trust, compassion, and joy by actively sharing my vulnerabilities.


PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Swift, Ruby, Python, Solidity


Laravel, Vue.js, Node.js, Gulp, React.js, Bootstrap, Bulma, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, Express.js, Jest, Angular, Hyperledger


Outsystems, Forge, Github, Agile, JIRA, Postman, Firebase, InVision, Whimsical, Cocoapods, Sinatra, Salesforce, Docker, MongoDB, Heroku, Splunk, Microstrategy, Tableau, Affinity Designer

Employment History

Highland Solutions

Sept. 2018​ - Jan. 2020​ Sept. 2018​ - Jan. 2020​
Application Developer

  • • Developed and published Outsystems components for a Fortune 500 Financial company through production
  • • Adapted third-party SQL code by following relational and object-oriented models in Outsystems to build a reporting tool that renders analysis in excel format
  • • Manipulated personally identifiable information (PII) using PHP to render Vue.js forms
  • • Consulted with clients in order to communicate product updates, presented options to prioritize backlog, and clarified questions around acceptance criteria
  • • Created a time-tracking MVC/CRUD app using PHP, Laravel, Vue.js and Forge
  • • Performed Heuristic Analysis and Contextual Inquiry within our CX/UX practice (Higher Education)
  • • Facilitated Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion workshops including new member orientations


July 2018​ - Sept. 2018​ July 2018​ - Sept. 2018​
Mobile Developer

  • • Integrated Near Field Communication and Biometric Authentication functionality on iOS
  • • Explored the implications & challenges around crypto asset adoption and their use in the fiat money economy

The Advisory Board Company

Apr. 2016​ - July 2017​ Apr. 2016​ - July 2017​
Member Support Analyst

  • • Contributed 19.73% of positive survey feedback in a 14-member world-class service support team
  • • Provided 3350+ member solutions through Salesforce/JIRA tickets bridging cross-functional team performance and end users

Personal Projects


July 2018​ - July 2018​ July 2018​ - July 2018​

Weenie is an image recognition application based on HBO's Silicon Valley. It implements Google's Inception v3 image recognition model to classify a picture taken by the user. As a reference to the show, a special consideration has been taken when classifying hot dog images. I created Weenie using Affinity Designer for the artwork and Swift to access iOS capabilities incorporating the Vision & CoreML Frameworks.


Dec. 2017​ Dec. 2017​

RxChain is a non-token, Blockchain-based Pharmaceutical application aimed at bridging the gap between hospital EHR systems and Pharmacy records while reducing drug abuse & operation inefficiencies. It uses IBM’s Hyperledger technology to eliminate PHI breaches and is displayed through a React front end interphase.